High End Audio - Who cares?

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High End Audio - Who cares?

Postby softspeaker » 14 Mar 2012, 15:06

Ful zanimivo, na 9 straneh.

http://this1that1whatever.com/blog/h/hi ... -cares.php

"There was a time when I stopped listening to recorded music because I was increasingly finding it unsatisfying with listening to sound produced by home audio systems.

As an owner and player of an acoustic piano, it was completely baffling why the recorded sound was so lacking. I would listen to Beethoven's Moonlight sonata, marvelling at the proficiency of the performance by professional pianists. I can play the first two movements of that sonata and actually prefer my version mostly because it is the live piano sound. I have repeated this observation with other piano pieces that I am able to play to some degree of proficiency, such as Bach's Goldberg variations where I am about half way through the book of variations. As good as Angela Hewitt is with her interpretation and rendition of the work, I again enjoy my version, especially the Aria which is simple enough that even I can achieve a decent level of proficiency. Same thing with Mozart piano sonatas when compared to Mitsuko Uchida recordings. It is about the sound.

I have observed people listening to my high-end audio system who are totally absorbed and captivated by the music presentation. I chuckle when I think that I am like that when I listen to my high-end audio system. I have seen jaws drop when they first hear music coming from my high-end audio system. For those with discerning ears, it is quite an experience. For those who cannot discern the difference, it does not matter (I have witnessed this case as well).

The high-end audio system is best experienced in solitude. It is so captivating that it does not allow for conversation while a piece of music is playing. Would you start chatting in the middle of a live orchestral performance in a venue with 2000 other people? (the Ottawa National Arts Centre venue is on the small side)"

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