Turntables by Jean Nantais

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Turntables by Jean Nantais

Postby softspeaker » 07 Nov 2011, 14:17


About TJN:

There are different types of audiophiles. There are those who believe a stereo component should, in the reproduction of music, stir the emotions, passions, and sound beautiful and cause delight. Then there are those who do not understand the concept of “musicality” as defined by the Oxford dictionary, and see a stereo system only as a means of retrieving “information” accurately, though the notion of “accuracy” is not well understood: does this include timing, which is a form of information, and coherence, which one assumes was in the recording studio or live venue, along with beauty and, indeed, sentiment? In fact, these information uber alles types often mistake a cold, analytical and musically-uninvolving presentation, lacking in coherence and rhythm – which has gained in pervasiveness since the introduction of digital technologies – as “accurate”, simply because this type of sound mistakenly recalls a sense of laboratories and men in white coats, dispassionate and analytical. Of course, it is this type of sound system which can more rightly be said to be seriously coloured, and not the “musical”, as defined by Oxford, systems which DO manage to capture the musicality which should also be in those tiny grooves.

Let’s remember that music should be musical , a system – or source - which fails at this leads to an ultimately unfulfilled audiophile.


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