Actually not a joke...

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Actually not a joke...

Postby softspeaker » 19 Mar 2009, 20:57

but user comments about the Treasure Raiders movie at the IMDB:

A truly terrible film, 27 September 2007
Author: smarzillier from United Kingdom

I watched this film mainly because it has received such a high IMDb rating (7.8 when I saw it) and some very positive viewer comments. I decided to overlook the dodgy sounding plot (a hard working academic by day, and a racy car driver by night, seeks unspecified "treasure" through the streets of Moscow), and give it a go. How I wish I hadn't...

The main problems with this film are as follows: (1) the plot is ridiculous, utter nonsense. You can actually here the script writers in their meeting with the studios, gulping their mineral water and saying "it's Indiana Jones meets The Fast and the Furious meets The Da Vinci Code!" Well it is in that elements have been blatantly copied... sorry I mean influenced... by those films, but unfortunately none of the humour, excitement or intellectual interest has made it into this particular piece of cinematic history.

(2) The acting. This is probably the best thing about the film, because it is just unintentionally hilarious. Who knew there were so many bad actors working in Hollywood? Their timing and delivery is atrocious. And don't get me started on their "Russian" accents. I had no idea Moscow had such a prominent French-German population. Some money might have been best spent on a dialect coach, or at least helping this poor habitually out-of-work (for a reason, some might say) actors learn that not all Europeans speak in the same accent. And Sherilynn Fenn - have times got so bad for you, my love? You should be ashamed!

(3) The direction. I know very little about film making, but this is so bad that it jars even if you are an average Joe with no idea about movie-making. My favourite bit of direction was the cut to a large dead animal on the wall of a bar, that jerked me out of my clunky-dialogue induced reverie and at least provided me with another piece of unexpected mirth.

(4) The script. Don't ask. Just don't.

So all in all this film MIGHT (and I stress might) appeal to 13 year old boys whose ideal film is Indian Jones meets The Fast and the Furious meets... oh you get the picture. However if said 13 year old boys have a little more intelligence and taste than perhaps that group generally get credit for, then they might also run screaming from this monstrosity.

I'd say to all involved in the making of this film - don't give up your day job. And if this is your day job? God help us all.

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