Magic Bowls and Going Troll

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Magic Bowls and Going Troll

Postby softspeaker » 17 Jul 2013, 15:42 ... oes-troll/

Roger Skoff

"In the course of many years in the industry, both as a manufacturer and as a reviewer and editor for a number of publications, I've met and heard the home systems of a great many reviewers. Some have truly superb systems and wonderfully trained senses and critical abilities to match them.
Others, however can be and often are the exact opposite. Some have systems so poor as to be shocking; others have distinctly warped preferences: Just among reviewers for the three major print magazines, I know of one who likes his sound to be ear-destroyingly bright. Another prefers it thick and brown.. Finally, one did an entire series of reviews with his speakers wired out-of-phase, so that they COULDN"T POSSIBLY IMAGE (He commented on the imaging, anyway). And finally, the publisher of one HiFi magazine years ago was absolutely stone deaf in one ear, and yet, even though two ears are required to hear stereo, just as two speakers, are required to play it, he had the audacity to review products and comment on their imaging and directional characteristics. The point is that reviewers are just people, and are subject to the full range of human failings, INCLUDING PLACEBO EFFECT, bad hearing, and bad taste. Not only that, but the same speakers (just for example) can sound WILDLY different in different rooms and different systems, so what they are reviewing can sound different in/on their system than in/on yours or in your listening room. Take the opinion of any reviewer just as you would take the opinion of any of your audiophile friends: Maybe it's valuable or informative, and maybe not. REVIEWERS DO NOT UNDERGO ANY SPECIAL TRAINING OF ANY KIND, IN MUSIC; IN SOUND; OR IN PROPERLY SETTING UP A SYSTEM. All they DO have is a willingness and, hopefully but not necessarily, some ability to write, and somebody who's willing to publish what they put to paper, and , in these days of blogging, no publisher is even necessary. In considering audio equipment, tweaks, or accessories, gather input from wherever you wish, but in making a decision, TRUST ONLY YOUR OWN EARS!"

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