Audiophiles and the Need to be Special

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Audiophiles and the Need to be Special

Postby softspeaker » 11 Oct 2012, 00:36

Tudi, če vse to ni res, je včasih prav, da se znamo nasmejati na svoj račun :super: :mad:
Tisti, ki bodo morebiti užaljeni zaradi takega pisanja, se morda lahko vprašajo, zaradi česa so v tem zanimivem hobiju in do kod seže njihov egotrip?
Tisti trenutek, ko glasba zasede 3. mesto, na 2. mesto stopi feršterkerija, na 1. mesto pa naš "veličastni" ego - je vse skupaj izgubilo smisel. ... e-special/

I love laughing at audiophiles.

If you're not familiar with the term, audiophiles are people who are really into top-end audio equipment. In itself, that's fine. But there's a very active and vocal subset of the audiophile community that's built up their self-image around the idea that they're special. They don't just have better audio equipment than you do, but they have better appreciation of sound quality than you do. In fact, their hearing is better than yours. They can hear nuances in sound quality that you can't, because they're so very, very special. They've developed this ability, you see, because they care more about music than you do.

It's a very human thing. We all really want to be special. And when there's something that's really important to us - like music is for many people - there's a very natural desire to want to be able to appreciate it on a deep level, a special level reserved only for people who really value it. But what happens when you take that desire, and convince yourself that it's not just a desire? You wind up turning into a sucker who's easy to fleece for huge quantities of money on useless equipment that can't possibly work.

Audiophiles and Wikipediots: Nerds of a Feather? ... a-feather/

The Wikipedia fan gang and audiophiles are an amazingly similar cohort: man-children with no attention span and plenty of money (audiophiles) or spare time (Wikipedians). People complain about Wikipedia being a man’s world. Audiophilia is far, far worse, yet bears some disturbing similarities.

I know this well, after watching the “high-end audio” scene for 30 years. Audiophiles are unbelievably neurotic and demanding, basically like 13-year-olds with no attention spans and considerable money to spend on toys. The average American audiophile, and probably in all other countries as well, is a white or Asian male, over 40, a semi-successful professional (doctor, lawyer, investment banker etc), with a failing marriage (if he’s not gay, which many of them are) and a wobbling career. He seeks validation, not sound quality. Audiophilia is a disease of middle age, of what they used to call “male menopause” or “midlife crisis”.

And such man-children demand the moon, while not actually being able to hear differences in cables or tube brands (which are usually undetectable anyway). They don’t want good sound, they want someone to stroke their massive egos. Manufacturers in it for the long haul end up hiring PR people who are able to deal with this kind of fool. It’s a specialist business in more ways than one. Little different from wine snobs, gourmets, or the collectors of vintage sports cars, in fact.

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