Power Conditioner?

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Power Conditioner?

Postby softspeaker » 23 Jan 2014, 16:07

Kar zanimivo:

The Statement Power Conditioner With No Compromises

The biggest drawback to power conditioning is that many designs limit dynamic current. This limiting of dynamic current has the trade-off of lower noise at the expense of dynamics and speed. Whether you're using an AC Regenerator, Transformer-based conditioner, or LC/capacitor-based filter they all function along a limited bandwidth and filter by means of limiting impedance as frequency increases. These design topologies create spurious ground currents, limit transient response, and often take the life out of the music. The funny thing is that this limiting of impedance actually acts as a conduit for other types of noise.

We're all in agreement that reducing noise is great, but it shouldn't be at the expense of the fun factor.

Our Patent-Pending MNF modules MEASURABLY increases slew rate, which in turn dramatically improves power supply transient response. This alone translates to dramatically improved musicality and substantially lower noise by improving power supply filter bandwidth and speed. That means regardless of your AC noise a power supply of any kind will be better suited to filter it out.

This power conditioner doesn't just function to eliminate noise, it improves the performance of any and all power supplies connected to it.

No Caps, Coils, Transformers, Ferrites, or Passive Filters Of Any Kind!
Corrects AC waveform and eliminates higher order AC harmonics.
MNF Technology measurably increases slew rate and dynamic current.
No current limiting or passive filters in the signal path.
Improve the performance of ALL connected components including amplifiers.
8 Isolated Receptacles
Kolossus Grounding System for low impedance grounding and noise filtration
Two Ground posts for connecting additional devices to the Kenai/Kolossus system
High bandwidth magnetic and electric field multi-layer shielding
Stillpoints Ultra 5 and Heavy Brass Clutch Vibration control
Filters AC, controls ground impedance, and isolates all components.
Improve your sound, your picture, and correct AC problems in your audio system
Maestro "best outlet in the world" power receptacles
What it does differently

Are you familiar with the concept of an electromagnetic pulse? Whereby an enormous magnetic field is created by the byproduct of a nuclear explosion, which in turn generates a huge amount of current or voltage in electrical systems, thus rendering them unuseable. We have done extensive research on magnetic fields in our circuits, wiring, and filters and have made some incredible discoveries.

Conventional filters must fight the losing battle of impedance. The more filters you add, the lower the noise, but the higher the impedance. You then face a decrease in dynamic current because much of it is lost traveling through various filters. Capacitors have inductance, inductors have capacitance, transformers have capacitance, nanotubes only filter shot and thermal noise. Our filters have no such limitations.

High frequency noise and dynamic current are the two most important aspects of AC Conditioner performance. A transformer-based conditioner can increase dynamic performance, but at the expense of added high frequency noise due to their capacitance between windings. Always trade-offs!

Other companies combine these technologies, using capacitors, chokes, and transformers to eliminate noise by limiting transient response at high frequencies. But this translates to reduced transient response at low frequencies as well = boring!

We've also seen active shielding along wiring and power conditioners. This can be hugely effective at decreasing capacitance between conductors and from conductor to shield. This helps to eliminate magnetic fields along the shielded area and can be highly effective at decreasing capacitive charges in conductors. However, these magnetic fields are equivalent to the field in the conductor itself wherby a duplicated buffered electrical signal is run along outer conductors. This can be very good at eliminating external noise, but because the magnetic field is generated separately from the AC signal it does not react quickly enough to changes in impulse along the cable itself.

Enter the MNF Modules.

Understanding the concept of an EMP we designed our magnetic noise filter modules. Passing an electric current through a strong enough magnetic field increases the current through that conductor. This increase in current decreases magnetic fields along all power wiring in your system (including connected power cables) and eliminates all high frequency noise. Because the filters are not frequency dependent it has no impedance curve, it is 100% effective at all frequencies up to infinity.

Filters are placed independently on Live, Neutral, and Ground for a total of over 6300lbs of magnetic force. The magnets are then thoroughly shielded along with the chassis using composite, multi-layer materials that focus the fields along the conductor, further increasing their power.

The filter modules are custom-engineered mil-spec composite rare earth and electromagnetic assemblies using a custom-made variable gauge size high purity copper and silver wiring with overall gauge size of 4awg per conductor.

Implementing the Kolossus internally allows the system to properly pull noise away from your audio system along the ground lines. This is hugely important and a large aspect of our conditioner's performance.


It's important to consider vibration in your power conditioning. Even with perfect filters and grounding, vibration can cause serious amounts of noise. Vibration causes distortion in your audio components in the same way that voltages are generated by two conductors rubbing together. Two conductors rubbing together generates a magnetic field which in turn generates a voltage. This voltage can add or subtract from the sine or square wave in the system.

We offer Stillpoints Standoffs and Ultra 5 Bases. The use of these two stillpoints products is an incredible upgrade to this system, equivalent to more than doubling the value of the product. In addition we use our brass vibration dampers that are VERY high mass brass very high performance vibration dampening instruments.


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