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Roger Skoff o kablih

Postby softspeaker » 15 Feb 2015, 14:52

Roger Skoff o kablih: ... ables.html ... y-are.html ... stuff.html ... ledge.html

:D "Perhaps the voices in your head are keeping you from hearing sonic differences. Or perhaps you have delegated your listening and decision-making to other people and are listening to their "credentials" instead of the sound of your system. Perhaps YOU are the one who needs the "...refresher courses in basic physics and electricity..." ... cable.html ... t-two.html

:D "The use of non-conductive wires could eliminate these potentially-disruptive current flows entirely and, now that we know that the wire is not actually needed for carrying the signal, such non-conductive wires can be seen to be physically possible. All we need now is for someone to complete the research and to bring out a line of non-conductive cables - perhaps even using balsa wood leads, ala Skogrand - as their medium of transmission. Knut Skogrand might, in fact, be just the man to do it, as might A.J. Van den Hul. I doubt, though, that either of them would be interested: Both have already built their reputations, and aren't likely to risk them on a project so far from any accepted norm. Maybe a better choice would be Peter Belt or even Dr. Lirpa. Whoever does it, though, let's get it done. Especially in terms of making black backgrounds even blacker and improving the quality of the silences between the notes of our favorite tunes, non-conducting cables could be a big step forward, and could even make Hip-Hop sound better! - See more at: ... z96mS.dpuf" ... t-two.html ... tml?page=2 ... erent.html ... thing.html ... -of-2.html ... art-2.html ... ivine.html ... t-one.html ... art-2.html ... -skin.html ... ation.html ... esign.html ... ettle.html ... imple.html

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