Jaguar Audio Design audiophile Linux OS

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Jaguar Audio Design audiophile Linux OS

Postby softspeaker » 25 Nov 2013, 13:47

Darin Forkenbrock of Jaguar Audio Design has announced the availability of his RTOS v1.0, a Linux operating system for audiophiles. RealTime audio capability is baked right into the kernel; the processes that control audio playback are given priority over (nearly) all others. In essence: audio activity is not interrupted by non-audio activity. On paper at least this translates to more precise clock timing and lower jitter.

The Jaguar RTOS v1.0 can be installed on Intel-based Macs or PCs or run from a Live DVD (without installation). It is compatible with USB DACs that work with the standard USB 2.0 driver. This means no proprietary driver installation woes. A Linux driver for M2Tech products is also installed. This Linux OS also supports most SPDIF soundcards. ... -linux-os/ ... ng-system/

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