Lowest Cost OTL Amps

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Lowest Cost OTL Amps

Postby softspeaker » 25 Sep 2012, 13:09


http://www.transcendentsound.com/Son_of ... e_Amp.html

The Son of Beast OTL is the latest in the on-going evolution of Transcendent Sound circuitry. This new design to reduces cost without any sacrifice in performance. Specific improvements over previous designs are:

● Reduction of driver circuitry from 3 tubes to 2.

● Elimination of the separate high voltage transformer.

● Elimination of the bias transformer.

● Reduction of noise.

● Reduction of heat. Draws only 1.4 amps at 120V. (0.7 amps on 230-240V)

These new developments greatly lower costs allowing many more people to enjoy the unmatched sonic qualities of OTL amplification. A power output of 15 watts per channel will drive many high-performance loudspeakers on the market. As speakers move up on the efficiency scale, the need for

high-power amplifiers declines. Our new DIY Speaker design is an excellent match and will provide extremely loud sound levels.

Nothing sounds better than an OTL. No transformer coupled amp, no solid state amp can match the sound. It cannot be imitated. Striking imaging causes instruments to be layered in a three dimensional sound stage that recreates the experience of a live performance. The music "opens up" and leaps out of the loudspeaker eliminating any box like sound. The most minute and subtle sounds are revealed producing uncanny realism. Musical voices are warm and lifelike yet completely neutral with a razor sharp focus. Nothing else can compare. Don't just listen to your music.... experience it.

All of the clarity, openness, air, and naturalness that Transcendent Sound OTLs are famous for have been retained in this new design. There is no loss in performance. Be the first kid on the block to own one and order today!

Easy to Build! The assembly manual uses 100% color photographs. No diagrams are used. Eight different colors of wire are included to further
ease assembly.

Size: 17 inches wide by 10 inches deep.

Weight: 19 pounds

Input Sensitivity: 2.2 volts. (Preamp Recommended)

Gain: 14 dB.

Power Bandwidth: 10 Hz to 25 kHz.

Noise: Can’t hear any-none

Distortion: Less than 1%.

Output Impedance: 0.8 ohms.

Power Consumption: 1.4 amps at 120V or 0.7 amps at 230-240V

Tube Compliment: 8-EL509 and 4-12AT7 (ECC81)


Pinnacle OTL 300B Push Pull Tube Amp


6 watts into 8 ohms

10 watts into 16 ohms

The Finest Sounding Amp We Have Ever Produced

Combines the sonic magic of the legendary 300B with

the incredible accuracy and realism of OTL technology.

Virtually Dead Quiet

Outstanding Peak Power

Works with virtually any 8 ohm speaker with a sensitivity of 90dB/watt or greater.

Full Kit $1699 per pair without tubes.

For over 20 years, Transcendent Sound has pushed the envelope in high-end sound reproduction. This time the envelope has been ripped apart. The Pinnacle is the result of 20 years of constant improvements in pursuit of ever higher quality in sound reproduction. The 300B is world renown for the weight and body that it provides. OTL is famous for extreme realism, accuracy and naturalness. By marrying the two, the best characteristics of each are retained. The result is a musical experience unmatched anywhere. Once the music starts, you wont want to turn it off.

Using a 300B in an OTL circuit is very difficult. A 300B triode has a directly heated cathode. This places the filament in direct electrical contact with the speaker. We have developed new circuitry which has overcome these limitations and created a new level of amplifier performance. It is ideal for use with most any moderately efficient speakers. There is no buzz. The amp is virtually silent.

The 300B has amazing peak power. Listening to it, you would never believe the power rating measures that low. Bass transients are full and powerful. The top end is crystal clear and lightning fast. Midrange is silky smooth without any harshness or bite. The amp mates perfectly to the DIY speaker projects shown on this web site. Vinyl come to life when played through this amp.

The 300B is an expensive tube, but is extremely long lived and stable. Since it is a three element tube, (plate, grid and cathode/filament), many tube failure modes are eliminated.

The amp incorporates the latest is transient protection devices which protect your speaker and itself no matter what kind of component failure occurs.



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