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Hypex NCore

Postby softspeaker » 17 Jul 2012, 01:29

Se svet spreminja? Bo D-klasa dozorela?

http://www.hypex.nl/index.php?option=co ... Itemid=102

Hypex NCore NC400 - USA Tour Listening Impressions

"I've had more than my fair share of amps in the system in the last few years and IMO none of them compare in terms of clarity and the sheer amount of musical information allowed through.

List of some in no particular order

Consonance 211 and 845 (SET TUBE)
Atma-Sphere M-60 (OTL Tube)
McIntosh MC275 (PP Tube)
Pass Labs XA30.5 (Class A SS)
Luxman M-600 (Class A SS)
Jolida Music Envoy (PP tube, 211 triodes)
Luxman SQ-38 integrated (PP tube)
nuforce ref 18 (class D)
Spectron Musician III mono's (class D)
ModWright KWA 150 mono's (class A/B ss)
Odyssey extreme mono's (class A/B ss)
Threshold SA50 (class A ss)
hot rodded Dynaco ST70 (pp tube)
Eastern Electric M156 mono's (pp tube)
Eastern Electric M88 integrated (pp tube)
R.E. Designs LNPA 150 (class A/B ss)
Audio Mirror 45W SET (tube SET)

A few others that I can't think of off hand. Yes, all in the same room with either my current speakers, GedLee Abbey, or the previous speakers, Meadowlark Blue Heron 2.

With or without the subs, these amps are in a class by themselves compared to any of the above. All of the above have strengths and weaknesses but for my tastes I'm keeping the little NC400's for the foreseeable future. Just my .02."

http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?to ... msg1082017


Hja, tega sem se bal:

"...That said, and despite other things the Ncore does well, I find its presentation a little flat, and leaves me wanting more. It's as if the Ncore, like you said, drops the finer leading edges of the music---almost as if I'm listening through a cloth that veils high frequency decay, ambiance and subtle detail.

I suspect that this quality, which I've also heard by degrees but consistently in other class D amplifiers, relates somehow to FET switching nonlinearities, dead-time and mistiming. Class D amps also make my ears ring with a subtle HF pressure. Has anyone ever talked with another while playing a 20Hz tone through a subwoofer? You can hear the other person clearly, but there's this evident pressure. I think what I'm hearing with class D amps is something of the HF version of that. Class D amps create a tremendous amount of HF noise. Most of that is filtered off at the output, but some gets through. Yes, not much gets through below 20KHz, but the human ear is imo sensitive at least a few doublings beyond that, where appreciable noise stills passes into the speaker. That noise, I suspect, creates the pressure I sense, and in some difficult-to-identify manner intermodulates or disturbs the perception of HF space and subtle ambiance.

On those speculations---the related problems of switching and HF noise---I would predict that something would have to give in particularly in the HFs. I'm unsurprised some people report hearing a certain flatness or lack of sparkle."


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